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Kendal People

This album features pictures of Kendalians of all walks of life, from now and yesteryear. If you're looking for old school photographs, sports teams and well known Kendal folk, you'll find them here.

River Kent & Bridges

You won't go far in the town of Kendal without coming into sight of the River Kent or needing to cross one of its bridges.

Kendal Town Centre & Shops

Kendal, is a historical Market Town on the banks of the River Kent. This album features photographs of the town from now and yesteryear with its ever changing shops and businesses.

Kendal Festivals

There can't be many small towns that can boast of having as many festivals as Kendal. Find photo's of Torchlight, Kendal Calling, Food Festivals, Mint Fest and Moon Fest and more here.

Kendal Businesses & Workplaces

Kendal has worldwide renown for some of its businesses both big and small. Sadly some of them are now closed down or have moved out of the town.

The Photographs reproduced here have been are taken from those uploaded by Facebook users to the Jump into Kendal page. If you would like an image to be credited to you please contact us. If a photograph you own has been used without your permission and you would like it to be removed, please contact us with details.

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